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Home solutions for damaged hairs

Damaged hair is one of the problems we face every day. It seems that none of the creams or shampoos gives us the result we want to see. So, once again, we will bet on the homemade solutions for damaged hairs. We will get our hair back once and for all.

When we see our hair lifeless and very fragile, we always try to find the best solutions. Although sometimes we realize that we have them in front of us.

There can be many reasons why we have to resort to these remedies, but of course, they will give us a new life for our hair.

Home solutions for damaged hairs with beer

Because not only is it right to take it with a lid but also our beauty and our hair will be reinforced thanks to the beer.

In this case, we will make a combination of half a glass of beer with two tablespoons of aloe vera gel and one of olive oil.

We are going to mix well, and we will have a perfect paste to cover our hair. You can apply it from the root to the tips. We will let it rest for half an hour, and then, we will wash as usual.

Banana and avocado

Another of the best homemade solutions for damaged hair is in the combination of a ripe banana with avocado and a spoonful of olive oil.

We mix them well and apply it to the hair leaving about 20 minutes. Thanks to this combination of ingredients, you will see how your hair will look much healthier and less dry than usual.

Mayonnaise for your hair

Mayonnaise is a complete food for the hair. More than anything because it has ingredients that provide us with the necessary nutrition.

Both the oil and the egg are essential to keep our hair at bay. With this remedy, the shine will also be the protagonist of our hair.

The best way to achieve this is to apply mayonnaise when we have wet hair. We leave it for half an hour and, of course, after a while, we will have to eliminate and wash as usual.

Sprays apple cider vinegar by the hair

Nothing likes spraying apple cider vinegar. Of course, before you have to mix a part of vinegar with another of water.

You will put them in a spray bottle, and you will have your new hair remedy ready. Without doubt, thanks to him, the excess fat of the scalp will be reduced.

In addition to that, hair ageing is prevented. What more can we ask?

Mask with honey and olive oil

Whenever we look for two great moisturizing ingredients for hair, two come to mind. On the one hand, we mix two tablespoons of olive oil and one of honey.

In this case, we can only apply it from the hair medium to the tips. We leave it for half an hour and wash as usual.

You have to have a little patience to see their results, among which the brightness and softness will be our protagonists.

Massage with warm oils

When we do not have the necessary ingredients or do not want to make mixtures, then there is also a solution for that.

Nothing like heating a little oil of your preference and apply it by the hair as a Massage. As simple as this but that can return all the naturalness and beauty to our hair.

If you’re wondering what kind of oils to use, you can choose between olive, almond or coconut oil.

Without a doubt, we have the best homemade solutions for damaged hairs. Which of them are you going to try first?

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