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Hairstyles With Braids: The Special and Dreamy Inspirations for Summer

The hairstyles with braids make you dream, so much so that they seem almost impossible. Yet creativity always finds its concrete realization: look at the photos to believe!

Romantic or quirky, hairstyles with braids never go out of fashion. Of course, there is the season when the bucolic hairstylist goes stiff, and the season in which to dominate the scene is a more gritty style. But rarely the braids are out, indeed. And then they certainly freshen up, even just looking at them. Not surprisingly, weaves are among the favorite hairstyles for summer.

For a sporty style, you can bring single braids, to pairs or multiples. They are so practical that they are often chosen by athletes to have their faces free of hair as they move. Also, they avoid the formation of knots.

More elegant styles are obtained with semi-collected hairstyles, such as cascading braids. It is a braid made in half head only with a few strands, and that provides that the remaining hair falls soft on the shoulders. There are several variations: from the simplest to the most complex.

If you prefer collected hairstyles, you can play with chignon with braids fixed at the nape of the neck or the top. And again with tails, crowns, maxi brambles, and afro style pigtails. Look at the photos we propose.

Free braids in your hair

Free braids in your hairA natural hairstyle easy from the summer mood: make a few brays in your hair, and that’s it.

You can leave the braies free or pick them up at the nape of the neck. And if you add a few flowers, you’re going to look like you’re coming out of a bucolic-themed shoot.

The cascading braid

cascading braidA super romantic hairstyle that you like because it evokes a childish image. Ideal if you have wavy hair, not necessarily as long as those in the photo.

Semi-collected hairstyles with braids

Semi-collected hairstyles with braidsFishbone braids and classic three-cap braids add to the mass of loose hair on the shoulders. For naturally wavy, ringing, or straight hair. Surely all these hairstyles do not go unnoticed.

Braids with loose hair

Braids with loose hairA seemingly simple style that is complicated thanks to the double weave between the two main braids. A hairstyle made even more special by the contrast with the straight hair.

Maxi weaves on long hair

Maxi weaves on long hairHere is a hairstyle in which to get lost counting the weaves and guessing how they are made for a fairytale head.

Braid and tail together

Braid and tail togetherAfter many soft hairstyles with loose hair, we enter in a collected and more composed style. This hairstyle is exciting because it combines the side braid attached to the head to the low tail. To copy for a freezing summer evening!

The braid crown

braid crownThe strands of the forehead are intertwined with the crown’s style, creating a hairstyle reminiscent of the iconography of the ancient Greeks and Romans. An idea to replace the circle, right?

Creative single braid

Creative single braidThis hairstyle returns the idea of the braid crown, with the difference that forms a single braid knotted with ribbon.

Pippi Longstocking brags

Pippi Longstocking bragsOne concept proposes a natural hairstyle with multiple bracing collected from each other and then “shot” outside. An idea halfway between manga and Japanese anime.

The mix of braids and chignon

mix of braids and chignonHere is a hairstyle among the most complex that involves double schoolboy braids with braided chignon and braids adhering to the head. Congratulations to the coiffeur!

Chignon with braid

Chignon with braidThe braided chignon is a great classic of the collected hairstyles. Still, we propose it in an eccentric version that includes weaves to the French. A very fresh hairstyle for the hottest days.

Maxi braid XXL

Maxi braid XXLDoes the classic single braid seem outdated to you? Here are two ideas of a giant brat made with multiple garments and various weaves that makes you dream. Ideal hairstyle if you have so much hair mass or carry extensions.

Afro-style brats

Afro-style brats

Finally, an evergreen of summer hairstyles with braids: afro braids! Why not make them more special by picking them up in a low queue? Intertwined, more than knotted.

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