alfalfa for hair

Benefits of alfalfa for hair

The benefits of alfalfa for hair are quite numerous. The same as for our health in general or for the skin. It seems that this plant has medicinal purposes that we have to discover. It is said that a long time ago, it was believed in the healing and miraculous properties of alfalfa.

Today, instead of miracles, we will translate it for all the essential ingredients it has. No doubt, look where you look, alfalfa is one of the most nutritious plants that exist. For many, it is a ‘super-food’ to consider.

Today we focus on alfalfa for hair, because you will also be surprised what you can do for our hair.

Alfalfa proteins for hair

The first thing we find in alfalfa is a good amount of protein. Of course, these are basic for our hair, because as we know, it is necessary for it to grow stronger and remain as such. So, for more hair growth, we need alfalfa in our diet.

Thanks to her, the hair will come out stronger and much healthier. You can add some alfalfa sprouts to your plates and you will quickly begin to see their great effects.

The vitamins of alfalfa

If proteins are the protagonists in our plant today, vitamins are not left behind. It has some as B1, B6, and vitamin C. As you know, the first two mentioned above are perfect to ensure good hair growth.

While the latter, vitamin C, will improve circulation. What will be essential in our scalp, also protecting the follicles?

Minerals found in alfalfa

Proteins, vitamins and now we have to talk about minerals. Because they are also present as calcium, zinc, or iron. When we have very weak hair and we see how it falls frequently, it may be due to a lack of calcium.

It is essential that our hair does not lose this mineral, since only this way it is guaranteed to be healthier. The help also of zinc will make the hair grow stronger.

In this way, you will avoid capillary weakness. The same goes for iron, it is basic for both health and hair in particular.

How to take alfalfa

Now that we know that it has these great advantages for hair and many others for our body, nothing like adding it to our diet. It is not difficult to find alfalfa. In the herbalists, you can get it in tablet mode. You can take around 500 mg but always consult with the expert.

Of course, you can also take plant shoots, that is, taking them fresh in the form of a salad. But if instead of the shoots, you opt for the leaves, and then you can cook them or consume them pureed or steamed.

Do you have alfalfa against-indications?

Well, like any medicinal plant, it does. It is said that it should not be taken with anticoagulant drugs. Neither do people with uric acid or during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

So, it is always advisable that we ask our trusted doctor. Of course, in any case, you can not abuse alfalfa however good it may be. You can only integrate it into your diet but without spending it.

Do not take it more than two weeks in a row. So, remember that although you can take it in the form of seeds, buds, or the leaves of it, we will always be careful and before any doubt, we will ask the specialist.

You will see how both our hair and our health, thank us!

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